Petrobras to Sell Stakes in Golfinho and Camarupim Cluster Concessions

Updated 1 year 8 months ago

In January 2020, Petrobras published a teaser for the sale of the post-salt Golfinho and Camarupim clusters in the Espírito Santo basin. Golfinho Cluster is located at a water depth between 1,300 meters and 2,200 meters, comprising the fields of Golfinho, oil producer, and Canapu, non-associated gas producer, and the BM-ES-23 exploratory block. The average total production of the fields between 2018 and 2019 was 15,000 barrels of oil and 750,000 cubic meters of gas per day. Camarupim Cluster is located in a water depth between 100 m and 1,050 m, comprising the unitized fields of Camarupim and Camarupim Norte, both producers of non-associated gas.

Petrobras has 100% stake in the Golfinho and Camarupim Clusters concessions, with the exception of the BM-ES-23 exploratory block, in which it holds a 65% majority stake, in partnership with PTTEP (20%) and INPEX (15%). Petrobras is in the process of acquiring Ouro Preto's interest in Camarupim Norte which is expected to close in 1Q 2020. Petrobras is the operator in all concessions. Offers can be submitted for each cluster or as a single offer for both clusters.