Presidio Petroleum Acquires Templar Energy Assets in Bankruptcy Auction

Updated 1 year 1 month ago

Presidio Petroleum has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the oil and gas properties of Templar Energy in the Anadarko Basin.

Le Norman Energy was formed in 1995 by David Le Norman and eventually sold to Patina Oil & Gas in 2002. Crusader Energy was formed in 2004 with funding from Kayne Anderson Capital which was consolidated into Knight Energy in 2006. Knight and Westside Energy were merged in 2007 to form Crusader. This Crusader was sold to Jones Energy in 2009. White River Energy was founded in 2010 with funding from Carlson Capital and sold to Chesapeake later that year. TLP Energy was created in 2012 with backing from First Reserve and Trilantic Capital and sold to NFR Energy in 2012. Templar Energy was formed later in 2012 by Trilantic and First Reserve and acquired Forest Oil's Texas panhandle assets in 2013. Newfield Exploration's Granite Wash assets were acquired in 2014. Templar completed a debt restructuring in 2016, and filed for Chapter 11 again in 2020.