Casillas Petroleum Partners with Halmos Capital to Form Wood Creek Midstream

Updated 2 years ago

Casillas Petroleum and Energy Water Service (EWS), a water infrastructure company owned by Halmos Capital, announce a partnership to jointly form Woody Creek Midstream to provide produced water management services to operators in the SCOOP play in Oklahoma.

Woody Creek has initiated construction of over 25 mi of wastewater gathering pipeline in Garvin and McClain counties. Upon completion in 4Q 2019, the system will connect to 60,000 bbl/day of permitted water disposal capacity owned and operated by EWS. In 2020, Woody Creek expects to expand the trunk line to tie into a total of 130,000 bbl/day of permitted EWS water disposal capacity.

Woody Creek and EWS have signed a long-term contract to handle all of Casillas' wastewater transportation and disposal needs across its ~56,000 net acres in the SCOOP.  Additionally, Woody Creek intends to expand services to other operators in the SCOOP to transport and dispose of wastewater.