Aker BP, Schumberger, and StimWell Form Well Intervention Alliance in Norway

Updated 1 year 10 months ago

Aker BP announced a 5+5 year tripartite agreement covering Aker BP's fixed installations on the Norwegian shelf was signed by the leaders of the three alliance partners at a venue at Aker BP’s Headquarter at Fornebu on Oct 29. Aker BP CEO Karl Johnny Hersvik, Schlumberger CEO Olivier Le Peuch, and StimWell Managing Director Sami Haidar were present for the signing.

The alliance focus will span interventions operations, with Schlumberger as partner for wireline logging, perforation and well stimulation through digital slickline, coiled tubing and flowback operations on Aker BP’s fixed installations, and StimWell as partner for vessel-based stimulation services.

The Well Intervention & Stimulation Alliance will host personnel from the three organizations at the Aker BP offices in Jåttåvågen in Stavanger utilizing a new onshore collaboration center, enabled for bidirectional data live feed with the offshore operations for 24/7 real-time support and decision making.