Unbridled Resources


Unbridled Resources LLC operates oil and gas fields with assets in the United States. LongPoint Minerals acquires mineral rights as a subsidiary of FourPoint. DoublePoint Energy is a joint venture between FourPoint and Double Eagle.

Cordillera Energy was founded in 2000 in Texas and sold to Patina Oil & Gas in 2003. Cordillera II was formed in 2004, and Cordillera III was formed in 2007 with funding from EnCap Investments. Cordillera II assets were sold to Forest Oil, Merit Energy, and Devon Energy in 2008. Cordillera III assets were sold to Apache in 2012, and FourPoint Energy was formed in 2013 by former Cordillera management. EIG Energy Partners and GSO Capital provided funding in 2014, and the company purchased assets from Linn Energy later that year. Additional Anadarko basin assets were acquired from Chesapeake in 2016. LongPoint Minerals was created in 2016 with funding from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Quantum Energy Partners, GSO, and existing investors provided $525 million additional funding to the group in 2017 with the combination of Quantum and GSO becoming controlling shareholders. LongPoint Minerals II received funding CPP in 2018. FourPoint and LongPoint formed a partnership with RS Energy in 2019. Maverick acquired FourPoint in December 2020, renaming the company Unbridled Resources.

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