Macquarie Group Ltd. provides banking, advisory, investment, and securities services across a variety of industries. Operations are organized into five business units: Asset Management, Corporate & Asset Finance, Banking & Financial Services, Commodities & Global Markets, and Capital. Common shares are listed on the (MQG) exchange. The company is named after Lachlan Macquarie who introduced the first official currency in Australia.

Hill Samuel Australia was established a subsidiary of Hill Samuel in 1969 and obtained an Australian banking license as Macquarie Bank in 1985. The company acquired Chemical Australia in 1988 and Boston Australia in 1990. Security Pacific Australia was acquired in 1992. Macquarie Bank listed publicly in 1996 and acquired the Australian assets of Bankers Trust in 1999. Cook Inlet Energy Supply was acquired in 2005, and Corona Energy was acquired in 2006. In 2007, Giuliani Capital Advisors and Orion Financial were acquired. CIT Systems Leasing was acquired in 2008. Tristone Global Capital, Delaware Investments, and Fox Pitt-Kelton Caronia Waller were acquired in 2010. Onstream was purchased in 2012.

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