Exterran Corp. manufactures gas compression and processing equipment as well as providing contract compression services with assets in 25 countries. Operations are organized into three business units: Product Sales, Contract Operations, and Aftermarket Services. Common shares are listed on the NYSE (EXTN) exchange.

South Coast Gas was founded in 1954 and acquired by Tidewater in 1968. Hanover Compressor Company was formed in 1990. Tidewater acquired the Halliburton Compression Services and Brazos Gas Compression in 1994. In 1995, Hanover acquired CBC Compression, Gale Force Compression Services, and Smith Industries' production equipment fabrication assets.

Hanover went public in 1997 and acquired Wagner Equipment, Gas Tech Compression Services, and 35% interest in Collicutt Mechanical Services. In 1998, Hanover acquired Waukesha-Pearce Industries' Packaged Power Systems division and Arkoma Compression Services. Universal Compression was formed in 1998 for the acquisition of Tidewater Compression Services before going public in 2000. Universal acquired Weatherford Global Compression Services, Oklahoma-based KCI, Louisiana Compressor Maintenance (LCM), and Technical Compression Services (TCS) in 2001. Hanover acquired Schlumberger's gas compression business in 2001. Exterran was formed in 2007 from the merger of Universal Compression and Hannover.

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