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Berkshire Hathaway Energy Co. (BHE) operates power generation, electrical transmission, and natural gas distribution facilities. Subsidiaries include Eastern Gas Transmission & Storage, Northern Natural Gas (NNG), Dominion Energy Transmission (DETI), Carolina Gas Transmission (CGT), Iroquois Gas Transmission (IGT), and Kern River Gas Transmission (KRGT).

CalEnergy was founded in 1971 by David Sokol in California with a focus on geothermal power. Midwest Resources was formed in 1990 following the merger of Midwest Energy and Iowa Resources. Kiewit acquired an interest in CalEnergy in 1991 which acquired Magma Power in 1994. Midwest merged with Iowa-Illinois Gas & Electric in 1995 to create MidAmerican Energy. CalEnergy acquired Northern Electric in 1996 to form Northern Powergrid and bought back Kiewit's interest in the company.

CalEnergy merged with MidAmerican 1998, and a group including Berkshire Hathaway, David Sokol, Walter Scott acquired control of MidAmerican in 1999. Berkshire acquired PacifiCorp which included Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power in 2006 and NV Energy including Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power in 2013. MidAmerican was renamed Berkshire Hathaway Energy in 2014 and acquired AltaLink later that year. The company acquired Dominion Energy's gas transmission business in November 2020.

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